Find Your Child’s Exact Foot Size in 2 Simple Steps

  • Determine correct length, width (narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide) and instep height
  • Identify possible foot conditions such as flat feet or misaligned heels
  • Find a selection of shoes tailored to your child’s feet through an easy, personalized process

A smart and effective way to shop for your kids’ shoes online

Upload two images of your child’s feet and provide the foot length measurement below to retrieve your child’s exact foot size. If you believe your child may have a foot condition, or if he or she has foot pain, please provide an image of the heels as well (see below).

We will review the information and recommend specific shoes for your child based on over 10 years of shoe fitting experience.

STEP 1: Upload Your Child’s Foot Images

Upload Image

Upload Image

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STEP 2: Submit Your Child’s Foot Measurements

Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure your child’s feet from the back of the heels to the longest toe. Remember that your child’s longest toe isn’t necessarily the big toe, but rather maybe the second or even third toe. Make sure your child is standing straight when you’re taking the measurements.

STEP 3: Shop Now

Once you receive your child’s exact shoe size and width—narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide—you will be ready to select the best shoes for your child’s specific needs.

If you already know your child’s exact shoe size, including width and instep height, then you are ready to begin searching in the tool below.

The biggest challenge with buying shoes online is that each shoe brand and even specific style fits a little differently. For example, your child may be a size 12 in one shoe style but a size 11 in another one.

This search tool retrieves a selection of shoes with a description of how each style fits (for example long, short, narrow, etc.)and considers typical growing room needs in recommendations.

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